Integrate with your favorite applications

Integrate seamlessly with video-conferencing solutions to increase the power of your meetings

Google Meet

  • Unlimited Transcription for free! Register for free and get unlimited transcriptions and highlight from your google meet meetings.
  • 99% Accurate Speaker Recognition. Laxis automatically identifies speakers in the transcript when using Google Meet.
  • Meeting highlights. Highlight important messages, key takeaway and follow up actions during the meeting.  
  • Download an share with your team. Download into word, pdf and txt files to share with your teams.


  • Post-meeting transcript: After every Zoom meeting, you can import the recording into Laxis to get a highly accurate transcript.
  • Personalized meeting templates: Setup your own template with topics and keywords to create consistent records.
  • Auto-generated key quotes: Laxis’ AI extracts the key information based on your template, topic and key words. Capture the exact wording from a customer or business partner for future reference, or edit the notes as you see fit.
  • Conversation insight management: Laxis extracts and organizes the quotations and helps you identify key insights across all your conversations.

Microsoft Teams

Coming Soon...